About Us
With two locations and more coming soon, we have the ability to also come to you.  We are well suited to meet all the training needs of your group.

We have instructors who specialize in their chosen field who can provide the safest and most up to date techniques available. Our training staff is hand selected based on their proven skills and track record to offer you  top notch training.

We want to provide you with top notch expertise, and assist you in reaching your training goals.
We understand each client has unique needs and we are able to meet those demands by coming to your facility to train your group in either discipline:

Hand to Hand Combat:
Martial Arts, Wing Chun, Defensive Tactics, Lethal Force, Self Defense, Workplace Passive Restraint and compliance tactics, Knife/Bladed weapons skills.

Tactical Weapons
Handgun Marksmanship, Defensive Handgun, Riffle Marksmanship, Tactical Riffle, Dynamic Entry and Deliberate Entry tactics. 

Self Sufficiency:
Wilderness Survival, Winter Survival, Desert Survival, Urban Survival and Tactical Survival (Survive Evade), Nomad/Primitive survival skills.
Our Team
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    Wade H.
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