Each Package Contains A Wide Set Of Add-on Services.
Contact us to obtain more info. Some of our courses due to the nature of tactics and the amount of Deadly Force involved, these are last resort options when you are unable to access your firearm. Due to guidelines laid out for us, we need to verify that you work for an Agency that is on our list of approved occupations, and verification from your Handler, Command on Agency Letter head will be required before attending training. We need to screen for Criminal/Terrorist affiliation to be allowed to train with us.
We do not support Terrorist or Criminal Enterprise. All of our Sensitive level students may and will be subject to being screened by our contacts within the LE/HS community. 

Knife and Bladed Weapons Skills
* Agency restricted options avaiable.

Impact and
Improvised Weapons
* Agency restricted options avaiable.

Deadly Force
​Survival Tactics
* This course is Agency Restricted.

You can add on progressive knife skills training to any of our prgrams as an Ala Cart option. We cover Defensive and Offensive skills working in a close quarters environment which is ideally suitable for Military and Law Enforcement professionals. 

We have worked with such agencies as the US Air Marshals, MN BCA, ARMY/MN National Guard. These skills have been reviewed by other government agencies.
Our Impact and Improvised Weapons program is ideal for any Officer/Operator who works within an urban emvironment where any every day item can be deployed as an improvised weapon.  We teach you how to open your mind to recognise and see how many seemingly innocent items can be utilised into a deadly defensive or offensive weapon. 

All of our techniques are easily adapted to any weapon which will allow fast efficient transition between items with minimal and simplified techniques. 
This is an Government Operators only program. Then and only then, should these skills be utilized in a Life and Death situation (and Authorised Deadly Force is the last and only option according to your agency protocols) and you are unable to access your firearm.

We will cover techniques employed from Ninjitsu, Chin'Na, Shuai Jiao, and Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun's Dim Mak program. This is a hybrid program designed for Special Operatives in the Military and other 3 letter agencies who operate clandestinely and may face life and death situations, where operational security is paramount.