Instructor One 
Wade H.


Martial Arts:
Instructor One has been involved in the Martial Arts since 1990 where he has studied various disciplines like Karate, Aiki-Jujitsu, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Shaolin Chin'Na and Shaolin Shuai Jiao.

He also got the opportunity to study under great masters like: Master Su-Dong Chen, Master Marvin Quan, Grand Master Tony Lee (Lee K Tong), and Steven Seagal. 

Through his years of study and teaching he has served the role as Hand to Hand Combat Instructor in the Marine Corps and Chief Martial Arts Instructor for St Olaf College.

Wade has been teaching in some capacity since 1995 where he has developed and fine tuned his skills in various disciplines. He has started developing Handgun and Long-gun tactics as a form of Martial Arts since 1995 and is the foundation and basis of the TRACS program.

During his time in the Marine Corps he has learned a whole host of skills that have set him apart from the rest of the Tactical community. His approach to the fundamentals of Marksmanship is to be practiced and studied like a modern day martial art where various techniques have to be repetitively performed over and over to become smoother and near instinct. You will see some various similarities between his TRACS program and his Martial Arts background. 

Many of his past Martial Art students have gone on to become expert shooters in their profession and competition shooting.
Two of his students have attained the level of Instructor within his Marksmanship program. 
My Skills
Martial Arts (Wing Chun)
Self Sufficiency/Survival

Education & Training

* 1990-1992: Traditional Karate

* 1992-1994: Wing Chun Kung Fu (Almost completed upto 1st Degree Black Sash)

* 1994 Nov: Entered the U.S. Marine Corps Boot Camp, then School of Infantry.

* 1995: My previous Master put me in touch with Wing Chun Grand Master Tony Lee (Lee K Tong) and finished my training in                         the Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun system where I earned my 1st Degree Black Sash in 1996

* 1995: USMC I attended MOUT and SERE school for training while sharpening my Pistol and Riffle skills while in 11th MEU.

* 1996: Was selected by my unit to be part of Research team for Combat Instructors to submit program to replace the current                       USMC LINE training. (Based on my skills within Wing Chun Kung Fu)

* 1997: I left the Marine Corps before I finished my proposal for new Combat program.

* 1998: I earned my 2nd Degree Black Sash in Wing Chun Kung Fu and 1st Degree Black Sash in Chin' Na and Shuai Jiao under the                 tutelage of Grand Master Tony Lee (Lee K Tong).

* 1998: I started teaching Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun for Community Education and Northwest Athletic Club where I was the Chief                         Instructor for the Burnsville club.

* 1998: I was also invited by Paul Nehls of St. Olaf College to come and start up the Martial Arts program where I was the Chief                      Martial Arts Instructor for the Wing Chun club until 2004. 

* 2000: While teaching at St Olaf College I finished my Combatives program which was supposed to be submitted to the USMC 
             which incorporated the H2H combat aspect with Multi-Weapon platform transition work and maneuvers and footwork 
             while conducting MOUT and Tactical Operations. The program was called TRACS (Tactical Rapid Action Combat Systems).

* 2001: I earned my 3rd Degree Black Sash under Grand Master Tony Lee (Lee K Tong)

* 2001: I continued to fine tune and improve the TRACS program and my Multi-Weapons skills (Handgun, Long Gun, Knife,
              Impact weapons, and Improvised weapons).

* 2002: A few Government agencies had scouted out my program and sent Agents to train with me.

* 2004: I finished the Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun system earning the rank of 4th Degree Black Sash with lineage rights under
              Grand Master Lee.

* 2004: Joined Oakdale Gun club and became a Range Safety Officer for the club and joined Competition Shooting leagues.

* 2007: Started teaching Survival classes for the MN Girls Scouts Council teaching Basic and Advanced Wilderness and Winter                         Survival courses to Troop leaders and at Scout camps.

* 2008: Recieved my NRA Basic Handgun Instructor Certification and formed Defensive Combat Applications Group LLC then 
              became licensed to teach Permit to Carry Handgun in MN, WI, SD and FL.

* 2010: TRACS program became eligible for MN POST Credit for Law Enforcement Officers in the state of Minnesota.

* 2011: Developed the DECR (Dynamic Emergency Crisis Response) program for the civilian sector doing consulting work for local 
              schools, church's and other businesses in how to respond to an Active shooter.

*2012: Started offering Tactical survival skills to civilians and local businesses and groups. The Survive and Evade portion of SERE.

* 2013: Worked several other Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement agencies teaching the Hand to Hand combat skills and                       Transitioning to Hand gun and other weapons. Deadly Force level tactics.

* 2014: Worked with the US Army and a few other government agencies on teaching Deadly Force tactics and skills to neutralize                     targets in a  Close Quarters environment. Alot of H2H combat, Knife, Handgun and Long Gun tactics.

Instructor One

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